a new beginning

A new blog. A new idea. A new journey.

A threshold for creativity. A template for thought.

Writing is the lens that I view life through. Something about the process lifts the fog from my eyes, and I am able to see life with clarity.

Pictures painted with elaborate words, sense made as my heart pours out on paper. Computer keys click to the rhythm of my thoughts. Bunny trails turn into self revelation, and unspoken ideas are birthed through the movement of my fingers.

The thought of starting a blog has crept across my mind for several years now, but I never really had the time or the conviction.

Or the courage.

I am my most vulnerable when I write, and quite frankly it scares me. But I find that I feel most alive when I write. Every time I let the ramblings of my mind spill out in a journal entry or a word document, new breath fills my lungs and relief settles over my soul.

I have been heard.

This may end up being a fragmented jigsaw puzzle of my disjointed thoughts. But I hope that with time and practice, I will put the pieces of the puzzle together and make a bit more sense of this crazy ride we call life. And maybe you will too.

So here’s to self-expression. Here’s to the beauty of language. Here’s to cracking open the soul in the search for truth.

Here’s to radical awakenings.

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