365 New Year’s Eves

Another year come and gone. My, how they fly by faster and faster. It seems like every time I finally start writing the date correctly, it goes and changes on me again. (I still find myself scribbling 2012 down from time to time.)

Jotting down a “4” rather than a “3” indicates many new adventures for me.

In exactly one week I leave my comfortable Arizona home, heading back to the Zu to begin to train and work as an orientation coordinator, a leadership position I will fill until this time next year.

Exactly 2 weeks from tomorrow I leave the U.S. of A. to study abroad in South Africa for the next 4 months.

Excuse me, what?

As I reflect on the year past and the year to come I am convicted about the way I live my life on the daily. Big picture speaking, my life looks pretty rad. And don’t get me wrong, my life truly is rad. But on a small picture scale, am I living day to day the way that I want to live? Do I live with constant conviction to change for the better? Do I love the people around me like this could be the last opportunity I might have to show them how truly wonderful they are?

As a form of self-therapy, I love to read over my old journals, and even old school assignments. Somehow, the younger version of myself was actually quite wise, and I am able to gain better perspective of myself and life and everything in between by reviewing these old pieces.

My senior year of high school I wrote a little tid-bit about New Years Eve and how the 31st of December really isn’t much more special than any other day of the year. EVERY DAY marks the beginning of a new chapter – a new year.

I am thankful that high-school Jacova was able to dream bigger, love better, and see with more clarity than tired, old college Jacova has been lately ;)

So here’s to 2014 – a year filled with 365 New Years Eve’s. May you live, love, and dream bigger and better than ever before!

February 2012

Let’s play a guessing game. What is round and sparkly and brings hope to millions of people all across America? I’ll give you a hint. It only makes an appearance once a year and it’s known for dropping out of the New York sky.

It’s the infamous Waterford Crystal Ball. To some it represents commercialized holidays and over-the-top parties. To others it is simply tradition. But to me it is a symbol of hope and freedom, a chance at new beginnings. New beginnings that should mark the breaking of every dawn.

This I believe, that everyday is New Years Eve. Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new year, and the day after tomorrow will start another. The date on the calendar might not change, but a year has passed since this day last year, and one year from today will mark the passing of another.  It is by this promise of a fresh start that I choose to live my life. I do not have to be the same as I was yesterday. I do not have to make the same mistakes tomorrow that I made today. The regret and success of yesterday are unchangeable; all I can do is start today with those sunsets in my back pocket and the sunrise warming my face.

This I choose, that the fearless passion for life expressed on New Years Eve be a part of my every day. Number four on your bucket list, that thing you’ve always wanted to do but never had time? Do it. That person that you love more than life itself? Tell them. That person you’ve always dreamt of becoming? Be them. Be YOU. Who is to say that today is not your day? That today couldn’t change everything?

The night is young, there are cities to be conquered and battles to be won. So set goals, check something off your bucket list, kiss the one you love, relish the beauty of the moment, and look forward to a brighter tomorrow. After all, it is a new year’s eve.


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